Die Yield Calculator

Calculating the number of Dies Per Wafer (DPW) is a very simple and straight forward task.Our free Die Per Wafer calculator is very simple to use

Enter Die Dimensions (width, height) as well as scribe lane values (horizontal and vertical). Depending on the wafer diameter and edge Loss area, the maximum number of Dies and wafer map will be automatically updated. User can select Map centering (Die or wafer centered). The number of Good Dies will be as well calculated, using Murphy’s Low model of Die Yield and Defect density parameter.

Die Width [w] (mm) 🔗
Die Height [h] (mm)
Horizontal Scribe Lane [sh] (mm) 🔗
Vertical Scribe Lane [sv] (mm)
Wafer Diameter (mm)
Edge Loss (mm)
Defect Density (#/sq.cm)
Manual wafer placement [horizontal shift]
Manual wafer placement [vertical shift]
Die Centering / Wafer Centering (check/uncheck)
Wafer Map Estimation using Murphy’s Model of Die Yield.

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